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Trivas Family Medicine - West Seattle
Development of Trivas family Medicine - West Seattle from a design by Justina Burns. Brochure site with contact from, SEO keyword targeting, and rotating billboard with text overlay.
PHP, recaptcha, SEO
Contact Trivas Family Medicine for reference information.
E-Commerce - Taking a Paper Order Form to Web
Client requested a paper order form be created in a web interface for their WordPress site. Products, customers, and orders, stored in a mySQL database, form logic written in pure javascript. SSL certificate installed to maintain security and customer privacy.
Ecommerce, PHP, mySQL, Pure Javascript
Contact Terry Robinson.
UX - "Adding to Bag" Visual Confirmation
User studies and other feedback showed that the current UI-UX "Add to Bag" was leaving some users unsure if their click of the add button had resulted in the product being in their virtual bag. Adding a visual animation of the product moving to their bag proved successful in confirming to the user their action was completed. This was later confirmed in user studies in which several subjects expressed "Oh! I like that!".
User Interface, User Studies, JQuery
Try it: Click "Add to My Bag".
SEO Targeted Keyword Landing Page
Clarisonic was not placing in the first two pages of search results for "Clarisonic Reviews". I created an SEO landing page to target that search phrase which quickly placed third in Google search results for the phrase "Clarisonic Reviews", increasing traffic and conversions. Not only did this take position 3 for "Clarisonic reviews" it took the coveted Featured Snippet position for this Google search, guaranteeing above the fold visibility.
SEO, Landing Page Design
Search "Clarisonic reviews" for reference information.
Edifice Construction Full Site Design
This construction business project, Edifice Construction, was done exclusively by myself based on a customer approved psd mock-up of the website design. It incorporates JavaScript and jQuery effects. It utilizes backend PHP for redundant header/footer includes and PHP form mail functionality.
Web Design/Development, Project Management
Contact Edifice Construction for reference information.
Midas Consoles Full Site Redesign
After The MUSIC Group acquired Midas consoles, was part of the full website redesign and integration into the Tridion CMS. Developed functionality for the website utilizing javaScript to read XML files. Project managed the site redesign to completion with all stakeholders.
Web Development, Project Management
Contact The MUSIC Group for reference information.
Bugera-Amps Product Features Pop-Up
Per delivered mockup, developed JavaScript product features pop-up to existing featured products scrollbar. Challenges included limiting the number of feature bullets in conjuction with the length of the text in the features to maximize use of the allowed space without going over. This required programming on the Tridion CMS side of the website publishing system.
Web Development
Contact The MUSIC Group for reference information.
Product Page Redesign
Overhauled the product page as part of a team. Team conceptualized, mocked up and then developed new product page to emphasize product imagery and also to improve SEO. Measured results months after launch showed a 20% increase in web traffic and a 25% increase of e-commerce click-throughs. Compare to old design. (Must be viewed on as company has changed design)
Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Analytics
Contact The MUSIC Group for reference information.
Golf Instruction Seattle Full Site Design
This client had a great deal of content that he wanted to get onto the web and wanted a CMS he would feel comfortable with. I first created an HTML website design and then applied that design to an install of WordPress.
Web Design/Development, WordPress, Project Management
Contact Doug McDonald Golf Instruction for reference information.
Conference Registration e-Commerce
An online conference registration e-commerce form which, securely via SSL, interacts with's API to verify and charge credit card. Conference registration customer data is then written to a mySQL database for secure access by conference organizers and both parties receive email confirmation via PHP mailer.
e-Commerce, PHP Programming, Web Security, Project Management
Contact Judith Jones, AAPPN for reference information.
Retail Store Locator
The MUSIC Group desired the most user-oriented way to direct web visitors to the retail locations carrying their products worldwide. Working with third-party service Where 2 Get It, gathered all retail store locations data and iFramed the service on
Web Development, Partner Interaction, Project Management
Contact The MUSIC Group for reference information.
CMS Integration Into Website
Integration of a WordPress CMS into's regular website, customized the PHP Theme to match exacty the look and navigation of the main website.
Web Development, PHP Programming, WordPress
Contact The MUSIC Group for reference information.

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