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1417 31st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144-3909
P: 206.328.2700
F: 206.322.8594
Campbell Residence
Architect: Roger Williams
This 10,000 square foot hillside home was built on a wooded, 20 acre site overlooking Campbell Lake near Anacortes, Washington. Edifice Construction began the project with the construction of a 2,000 yard long roadway for site access, and installation of underground utilities and services for the home. Storm water retention and bio-filtration for site runoff was also implemented, minimizing impact on the environment.

We formed an exceptionally close team with the owner and architect during the construction process. The owner was involved in the project on a daily basis, making design decisions as the job progressed. Accordingly, we provided the owner with a list of materials and specialized items, along with a schedule for delivery, to ensure the project flowed smoothly and remained on schedule.

The end result was precisely as the owner and architect had envisioned. The residence reflects an ideal blend of thoughtfulness in design; quality and attention to construction detail, as well as the owner's personal tastes,
Campbell Lake Datasheet PDF
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