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1417 31st Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144-3909
P: 206.328.2700
F: 206.322.8594
Bellevue Residence
Architect: David James
Edifice Construction began construction of this 12,000 square foot hilltop home by sinking 60 augur cast piles to stabilize the foundation for the house, and placing retaining walls up to 18 feet in height. Built on a 7-inch structural slab and grade beams, the house rises over 80 feet from the base of the driveway to roof peak.

The home’s exterior features over 150 tons of handchiseled Wilkerson stone, the mortar deeply racked between each stone, giving it a “dry stack” look which is remarkably uniform and precise.

One of the most impressive features of the interior is the elliptical staircase leading from the second to third floor of the home. The entire staircase was actually built offsite, craned up into the house, and installed in one piece.

Edifice saved the owner both time and money through our constructability and design recommendations, helping to ensure the aesthetic outcome of the home and the value they received were as they envisioned.
Bellevue Datasheet PDF
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