Seattle Website Maintenance

We will handle ALL of your website maintenance and changes.

The World is always changing and so must your business and web site. If you don't have an interest in doing the grunt work to keep your site fresh then dump it on us. We offer site maintenance at a very competitive rate and not just sites we've designed. If you're paying too much for your current site to be maintained, check our rates and let us know what we can do for you

Web site maintenance runs the gamut from updating your site's content to graphic face lifts to search engine placement. For many sites the amount of maintenance in a year can exceed the cost of it's creation. Shop around and you'll be hard pressed to find more affordable rates than for these tasks.

Contact us for any of your maintenance needs. You'll be hard pressed to find the amount of experience and resources Jet-Screamer offers for a lower rate. Remember, if you have already paid too much for an Internet presence, that doesn't mean you should continue to pay too much for it's upkeep! You own the site! You can have whomever you wish maintain it. If you feel you're paying too much to have your site updated then drop us a line and we will assess your site's needs and give you a dollar amount that we are sure will be less than your current content editor.
SpamAssassin Best Practices

Spam is a never ending battle and it hasn't been getting any easier lately. Two factors are driving the increase in spam these past six months; the increasing number of home computers with ... read more

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