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Edifice Construction
Edifice Construction came to us needing a sorely needed redesign on an old website. We met with Edifice Construction several times to discuss the focus of their business and how their new website could reflect that. Together we determined that the most important thing their new website could convey is the beauty of their construction work, thus we focused the website on presenting images of their work to the user in a tasteful and effectice way to the end-user and they have been very pleased with the results. Contact Edifice Construction for reference information.
Golf Instruction Seattle
Seattle Golf Instructor Doug McDonald came to us with years of experience in golf and particularly teaching golf to others. As a renowned private golf instructor in the Seattle area, Doug McDonald has accumulated decades of experience in helping others improve their golf game, including writing for the Seattle Times newspaper. He wanted to translate that experience to the Internet through his own website. We designed a website to his specifications then applied that same design to a WordPress blog where he posted his previous articles and can now field more questions to help golfers improve their game. Contact Doug McDonald Golf Instruction for reference information.
StFrancisPetMedals came to us with the need to get their Pet Medals business onto the web and have it integrated with their PayPal account. Working with only their pdf for a pamphlet, we designed their site to have the same look and feel. We assisted them in setting their Paypal order process to account for regional taxes and shipping costs based on number of products ordered. Contact Information at for reference information.
XtraBytes Network/Computer Support came to us needing a complete redesign of their site. Advances in browsers and graphical software allow for more attractive effective designs which result in older sites appearing unprofessional. We were able to quickly give them a fresh look at a very affordable price. Contact Todd Spitzer for reference information.

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