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Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft recently did a very smart thing. They started giving away their antivirus program for free! Microsoft has an anti virus program you ask? Yes, it was called Windows Live OneCare and it was a subscription based security and performance enhancemen… more »



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Scheduling FTP Transfers for Off Site Backups

If you need to schedule the transfer of files via FTP, save yourself a lot of headaches now for just $30. The program Second Copy from Centered Systems will give you the power to schedule FTP transfers for such things as backups and file distribution acr… more »



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GreyListing to Fight Spam

What is GreyListing There is a powerful new method for combating spam and that is called GreyListing. This is how it works. When an email recipient's account is utilizing GreyListing, the first attempt by a sender's email server will get a message fro… more »


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