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Amazon's Mechanical Turk & OLPC

We just recently had the experience of utilizing Amazon's Mechanical Turk for and by another company. For those that are not aware of Amazon's Mechanical Turk (AMT), it's method is to apply a 1000 monkeys with a 1000 typewriters to a project which requir… more »



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Stolen Web Graphics

Somebody STOLE my website's graphics! Ok, you've discovered another website displaying graphics from your site which you either created or paid to have created. What can you do? Your graphics have been stolen in one of two ways: Your graphics ar… more »



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How to Get Around the Slingbox Lack of WiFi

After moving to a new residence I was facing a dilemma. My office did not have a television cable outlet and I was facing drilling an 18 inch hole through a floor above, part of which being concrete, to drop some coax. And me and drills often result in… more »


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