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LG N2R1DD2 NAS Review and a Warning Before you Upgrade the Firmware

BEFORE YOU UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE, be aware that if your admin password contains a non-alphanumeric character, which the out of the box firmware version allows you to set and use, once you upgrade (we upgraded to version 2647) you will NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN… more »

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How to Connect Your TV to the Internet Without Cords

Many TVs these days come with Internet features but only have a wired (ethernet) connection port. This is fine if your internet source is near the television but for most of us this isn't the case. You could run a CAT5 cable through your house but that's… more »



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What is Cell Phone Tethering and Why Should I Care?

With the increasing proliferation of Smart Phones available, you may see a feature for some phones referred to as "Tethering". What is this tethering you may ask yourself and what good is it to you? Cell phone tethering is the process of using the 3G dat… more »


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