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LG N2R1DD2 NAS Review and a Warning Before you Upgrade the Firmware


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LG N2R1DD2 NAS Review and a Warning Before you Upgrade the Firmware

We recently purchased a network-attached storage (NAS) device to backup all of our precious computer files; music, photos, home movies, etc. We chose the LG NAS model N2R1DD2 for several reasons. It contains two hard drives and you can set them up in a mirrored configuration known as a Raid 1. Since the data is mirrored on each disk, your storage space is half of the total of the two disks, BUT your data is protected should one of the drives fail.

It also has a built in memory card reader and USB reader which will back up to the drives by just plugging in your USB storage device/memory card and press one button. It also has a built in Blue ray/DVD reader/burner which not only allows the same one button backup of data from an optic disk, it also allows you to burn data stored on the NAS directly to Blu-Ray disks to allow data to be stored offsite as an extra measure.

Other Features include:

  • Make a USB connected Printer a Network Printer
  • Windows Workgroup Functionality
  • Email Notifications
  • Create Users and Folders
  • Restrict Folders to Particular Users
  • Ability to FTP into the NAS
  • Hot Swappable Drives
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • UPS Compatible Settings
  • Can be Connected Directly to A Computer

Setup was easy, connect it to the network, power it up, install the included software, select the type of RAID configuration you want (wait for it to complete, this can take several minutes to an hour), and once that's done, you are set up! Now you'll want to create your Folders and Users. For our household setup we created a "Public" folder that any User could place items on, which would serve as a kind of DropBox functionality for all Users and we also put our Individual Music Folders there, you get the idea. We also created Folders for each house member (well, not the cat) which only the User can access. This is where among other things, our Windows backups automagically write to weekly. Link to the N2R1DD2 NAS manual for your review.

Overall, we have been completely satisfied with the performance of the LG N2R1DD2 NAS. We highly recommend it and can't emphasize enough the importance of having a backup of your important files. The Blu-Ray drive and/or the Hot Swappable drives allow you to easily create copies for offsite backup for that added layer of protection. It's your own personal data cloud, and well worth the peace of mind.

There is one small issue we have experienced with this device, well, the web admin functionality actually and it has to do with the User passwords for the web admin logins.

BEFORE YOU UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE, be aware that if your admin password contains a non-alphanumeric character, which the out of the box firmware version allows you to set and use, once you upgrade (we upgraded to version 2647) you will NOT BE ABLE TO LOGIN. The web UI JavaScript deletes the entered password if it contains non-alphanumeric characters before it submits, responding with "please enter a password" as opposed to "incorrect password".

Contacted support and they said the web UI doesn't support non-alphanumeric characters in passwords, I said it did when I bought it, and they regrettably replied well it doesn't now. ONLY SOLUTION is to re-initialize the system which wipes out every thing and re-images. FRUSTRATING! However to be clear, the windows network access still worked and we were able to make sure we had local copies of everything before re-initializing. So a pain, but no data loss.

SO BE AWARE! Make sure your USER passwords (particularly the Admin) do NOT contain non-alphanumeric characters BEFORE upgrading firmware AND when setting it up.

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