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News Organizations Turn to the Mechanical Turk Method for Palin Emails


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News Organizations Turn to the Mechanical Turk Method for Palin Emails

A thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters ... forget The Cloud, when you need to dig through over 24,000 scanned documents nothing beats throwing a lot of Sebaceans at it. At least that's the approach most major news organizations took to sift through the tree-trunk of paper (over 250 pounds) that is the Palin emails, finally released by the Alaskan Government after 2 years of obstructing.

Palin Emails

The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The New York Times ... and many many more, all calling on their readers to apply their interest in the Palin phenom to read through her govenment emails to find that gooey center that would make for more reader grabbing headlines. Of course nothing really interesting has come out of the emails probably since they were heavily redacted:

Redacted Palin Email

Let's call it journalism 2.0, in the spirit of recruiting the online massses as Amazon's Mechanical Turk does, a 1000 monkeys with a thousand typewriters can be a very powerful force, but most of the time it just results in this.

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