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Where to Report Spam


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Where to Report Spam

Where to Report Spam and Drastically Reduce the Amount of Spam You (and others) Receive

Recently we found one of our email addresses suddenly receiving daily batches of spam. Every day essentially the same spam messages for over two weeks. Well we'd had enough and we wanted a method of putting the hammer down on these spam servers. So we again turned our attention to SpamCop.net. We had looked at it in the past but found the user interface confusing and we were impatient at the time so we dropped it then, but after revisiting it and being a bit more patient, we got AMAZING results! After reporting the problem emails only once, they ended immediately. It was so satisfying we found ourselves hoping for more spam to hammer, but since reporting those repeat problem spam sources we haven't had ANY spam for some time. Below we will give you the steps to make using SpamCop.net as pleasant and effective for YOU as it was for us.

SpamCop.netSpamCop.net is a free spam reporting service which enables the user to easily report spam to the Internet Service responsible for it AND adds that server to their SpamCop Blocking List (SCBL). Many email providers use this SCBL list, a list of blacklisted Internet IP addresses to block known spammers. So by voluntarily forwarding your spam to SpamCop.net you help add to this list of known spammers. Using the free service is a little unclear due to its poor user interface so we will take you step by step to allow you to report your spam quickly and easily.

Before you can report spam you have to register with SpamCop.net (it's free) which creates a unique email for you to forward your spam to (SpamCop offers a paid membership but it is NOT REQUIRED to use their service). When you register you enter a Display Name (whatever you prefer) and your valid email address. You will receive your password at that email address.
Register at SpamCop
Once you receive your password email from SpamCop.net, go to the login tab, enter your email and password, and if you are on your own computer which you keep secured, select "Login expires in: 1 year". This will keep you logged in taking away the extra step of logging in when reporting spam. Once logged in you'll notice the following: "Forward your spam to: submit.I6uME566b4ksddzj@spam.spamcop.net" but with a different address UNIQUE TO YOU. THIS WHOLE ADDRESS starting with "submit." through the ".net" is your unique spam reporting email address. You should create a Contact in your email Client/Service named "SpamCop" and assign it YOUR UNIQUE address for reporting spam to make the process that much easier.


Forward as attachment, SpamCop
One thing that is not made very clear initially by the SpamCop website is the fact that you have to Forward the spam as an attachment. The reason being, if you simply forward it normally then the spam's past history is not included so there's no way to see the source. Forwarding as an attachment sends all of the needed information intact to SpamCop so they can determine the source of the spam.

Now most email Clients/Services do not make this as easy to do, or rather find the right button, as you would think. The following is a list of the most used email Clients/Services and each is linked to instructions on how to forward as attachment. If you do not see your email Client/Service in the list, see the section below for the second option of copying and pasting the spam email header information to SpamCop's website.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 2007
For Outlook 2002 and 2003 (Go to: Tools --> Options --> Preferences tab --> E-mail Options --> When forwarding a message select "Attach original message")

Some email Clients/Services do not allow you to forward an email as an attachment. If your email Client/Service is one of those, YOU CAN STILL USE SPAMCOP! Following is the method of obtaining the email Header and Body to manually copy and paste in the SpamCop spam reporting tool.

Paste Header and Body to SpamCop
The other method for reporting spam to SpamCop.net is to copy/paste the spam email's header and body directly. The steps to doing this can again differ based on which email Client/Service you are using. We'll use Gmail for this example and list links to steps for others that doesn't allow forwarding as attachment below.

In Gmail:

  1. Click on the message of interest
  2. Click on the down arrow next to the word "Reply," at the upper top/right of the message
  3. Select "Show original"
  4. The full headers, plus the text of the message, will appear in a new browser window (or tab, depending on your browser's settings
  5. The header is the stuff from the top down to just before the first visible word from the email message body (such as "Dear Sir")
  6. Select and copy this and paste it into the box with the following line above it, "Paste headers and optionally mime separators in first box:"
  7. Select and copy the remainder, the email message, and paste it into the box with the following line above it, "Paste decoded email body in second box:"

Then click the "Process Spam" button.

Link for instructions on obtaining Header and Body content for Hotmail/Windows Live Hotmail

If you forwarded your spam as an attachment, you then need to go to SpamCop.net to Report that spam which has been received and processed by SpamCop. Note the difference here, submitting to SpamCop allows them to process the source of the spam and automatically create Reports to the ISP(s) involved in the sending of that spam BUT, you still need to approve the sending of these reports. When you go to SpamCop.net after submitting spam you will see the following:
Unreported Spam Saved: Report Now
Click the "Report Now" link and you are presented with a lot of information, most of which you don't really need to worry about. Scroll down until you get to the button labeled "Send Spam Report(s) Now".
Send Spam Report(s) Now
By pressing this single button you will report the spam to every ISP that came into contact with it and any ISP hosting a website referenced in the spam email body. That's all you have to do. After Reporting that spam email, you will be taken back to the home page and at top of the page is a list of ISPs Reports were sent to:

And if you have other spam emails you submitted for processing, the "Report Now" link will still be available to send Reports on that next reported spam email, and so on. Yes, it looks confusing and the User Interface is a mess and the step-through process is completely non-intuitive, but that's what happens when programmers try to be website designers. HOWEVER, the spam killing programming behind the convoluted mess is highly effective. Again we'll bet your experience will be the same as ours, that being once you get used to Submitting and Reporting, SpamCop works so effectively you won't have any more spam to bash, and you'll find yourself daring someone to spam you.


  1. Submit the spam to SpamCop for processing
  2. Go to SpamCop.net and click Report Now link
  3. Send Reports to ISPs

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