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How to Connect Your TV to the Internet Without Cords


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How to Connect Your TV to the Internet Without Cords

Many TVs these days come with Internet features but only have a wired (ethernet) connection port. This is fine if your internet source is near the television but for most of us this isn't the case. You could run a CAT5 cable through your house but that's a bit of a pain to do properly and a bit of an eye sore if you're older than 24 years old.

We were facing this situation and thought we were looking at getting another set of Ethernet Extenders that plug into the wall outlet and use the home electrical wiring to transmit the Internet connection. Although this is convenient the units are nearly $100/pair and the transmission rate is less than that of either 802.11 G or N (WiFi). Also, they use a fair amount of energy as they are very warm to the touch.

Then we came across the NETGEAR Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) WNCE2001 Not only is this a simpler solution than the electrical outlet ethernet modules, if you have an 802.11N wireless router, this adapter supports N WiFI (as well as G) and setting it up is SUPER easy, particularly if your router has Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). If your router has WPS you can install this ethernet WiFi adapter in two button pushes; power the adapter, push the WPS button on the adapter then push the WPS button on your router, YOU'RE DONE! Your TV is now connected to the Internet!

If your router does not have WPS, all you have to do is plug the adapter into your computer, open your Internet browser and it will automatically take you to the setup page. After finishing the directions, unplug the adapter from your computer and plug it into your TV and you are connected to the Internet with your TV.

NOW, the BEST part of the NETGEAR Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001) is it can be powered by a USB port from your TV (if your TV has an ethernet plug-in it likely has a USB port). Now the unit is pretty low power as it is but plugging it into the TV USB port for power means it's ONLY powered when the TV is turned on. So much less energy waste than the electrical wiring ethernet adapters.

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