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Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)


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Free Antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft recently did a very smart thing. They started giving away their antivirus program for free! Microsoft has an anti virus program you ask? Yes, it was called Windows Live OneCare and it was a subscription based security and performance enhancement suite which was discontinued June of 2009. The free security program is called Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) and is FREE for download here. If you don't run an anti-virus program or are tired of paying for one download and install Microsoft Security Essentials now and you won't have to worry about malware and computer viruses again.

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)

Microsoft's decision to give this antivirus software away for free is quite simple. Keeping the Windows user experience as secure and pain free as possible is only in Microsoft's best interest and should have been done a long time ago. In fact, it should be part of the Operating System just like the OS firewall. But this is a step in the right direction.

Microsoft Security Essentials Runs Quietly In the Background
Since switching from AVG to Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) I have noticed nothing except for the "Protected" icon in the lower right hand corner.

Which is the point. Good antivirus for household users needs to be hands off, needs to update it's definitions quietly in the background, and run without hogging resources and MSE delivers on all of these points. AVG was a resource hog. Running it on a webbook, it would take the entire CPU for several minutes after booting up, to update it's definitions and whatever else it was doing. Very frustrating, but MSE does all of it's business quietly when resources are available.

Ok, But is Microsoft Security Essentials Any Good?
AV-Comparatives.org, "...an Austrian Non-Profit-Organization, which is providing independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public", recently released a study comparing the effectiveness of various pay and free anti virus programs at removing malware from already infected/compromised computers. "Although none of the programs performed 'very well', eScan, Symantec and Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) were the only products to be good in removal of malware AND removal of leftovers." according to the results.

malware removal test results

And there you have it. If your computer is running XP, Vista, or Windows 7, there is absolutely no excuse for not running an antivirus program for free and one that is not only hands off but highly affective.

UPDATED TO ADD: Here's a recent article from ZDNet's Ed Bott regarding an experience he had with MSE versus several paid anti-virus services.

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