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Scheduling FTP Transfers for Off Site Backups


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Scheduling FTP Transfers for Off Site Backups

If you need to schedule the transfer of files via FTP, save yourself a lot of headaches now for just $30. The program Second Copy from Centered Systems will give you the power to schedule FTP transfers for such things as backups and file distribution across different domains.

One of the best uses of Second Copy is for off site backups. Off site backups are essential to bringing you back from a disaster such as your web server's hard drive failing or worse, fire in your office. You should always keep your important files backed up off site. With Second Copy you can push and/or pull a folder's contents to/from any FTP location.

To backup your files with Second Copy you simply set up a Profile to specify the different parameters:

  • To Start you specify if you are Pushing from your Local to an FTP destination or Pulling from an FTP source to your Local destination
  • You then specify What is to be copied, either the Local source folder or the FTP source server information
  • Then specify Which Files are to be copied and which to be ignored if there are specifics or if all are to be copied you can choose that option
  • Then specify Where the files are to be copied, for Pushing files, the FTP destination information or for Pulling files, the Local file destination
  • Now specify When these copies are to be copied which includes MANY options such as every few minutes, hours, or days, days not to run, and run at startup or shutdown
  • Now you get to choose the How which includes many useful options:

    + Simply copy files to destination
    + Copy files and delete source upon completion
    + Compress to Zip with optional password then copy
    + Run a specified program before copying
    + and many more including Skip If Unchanged

  • You can even set the options of a profile to Email You the results of each running of that Profile

The main message here is you can never have enough backups and Second Copy makes it easy, oh so easy for only $30. We have been very happy with it and have never had any bugs or errors with our backups. Do not ever doubt that backing up your files and having a recovery plan will save much pain in the future.

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