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GreyListing to Fight Spam


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GreyListing to Fight Spam

What is GreyListing

There is a powerful new method for combating spam and that is called GreyListing. This is how it works. When an email recipient's account is utilizing GreyListing, the first attempt by a sender's email server will get a message from the recipient's email server to the effect of, "I'm a bit busy right now, try again in a few minutes". Now, it needs to be made VERY CLEAR here that these send/responses are ONLY between the email servers. A sender would NOT receive an email back stating the above. These communications are ONLY between the recipient's email machine and the sender's email machine. So no human gets annoyed by it.

So the recipients email server says I'm busy, try again in a few, and if the sender's email server is configured properly, it will essentially say, "ok", and resend the original email after a few minutes. NOW the recipient's email server checks Three things from this follow up send to match the original email send:

  • The IP address of the original sender
  • The envelope sender's address
  • The envelope recipient's address

If these three things match the first send attempt, the email is accepted by the recipient's email server and delivered to the intended person's inbox. ADDITIONALLY, the sender's IP address (essentially the same as their phone number in internet speak) is "WhiteListed" for a period of time, often 24 hours. This means that for the next 24 hours, the GreyListing "I'm busy, try again" message will not be sent to the email server that has been WhiteListed. Which essentially boils down to, the most delay GreyListing will cause a recipient on a daily basis for communicating with a particular individual is an extra few minutes ONCE.

Now this brings up the BIG question of, "OK fine, but why the hell should I use GreyListing?" It will ELIMINATE up to 90% of the spam you are currently receiving! How? It's simple really. Spammers make their money from blasting out an average of 200 million emails in a 24 hour period. They only need a small percentage of suckers to click on their messages to make thousands of dollars a week. BUT, if your email server replies to their "knock at the door" with "hold on a few minutes and I'll be right there", they don't bother to wait and move on. The software spammers use to blast out millions of emails, one every half second, can't afford to wait a few minutes and resend the email. They can't get enough of their junk out to make it profitable that way.

In addition to preventing the original spam from getting to you, if the original sender's email server does not try again after a few minutes, then that sender's IP address is listed as bad. This prevents any future spam from getting to you from that IP address. It's a WIN WIN WIN situation.

So if your email hosting company is not offering GreyListing , contact them and ask for it. Or contact us and we will put this powerful technology to work for you so you can stop spending your mornings deleting all of that spam.

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