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How to Get Around the Slingbox Lack of WiFi


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How to Get Around the Slingbox Lack of WiFi

UPDATE! Since writing this article we have found an even better solution to this issue. See the following article, How to Connect Your TV to the Internet Without Cords if you own a wifi enabled router.

After moving to a new residence I was facing a dilemma. My office did not have a television cable outlet and I was facing drilling an 18 inch hole through a floor above, part of which being concrete, to drop some coax. And me and drills often result in more than one well planned neatly done hole.

It was at that point I decided to simply attach my SlingBox SOLO to the bedroom Tivo and watch in my office via the SlingPlayer BUT the SlingBox Pro has no WiFi built in and surprisingly, no USB to utilize a USB WiFi Network adapter. So then I was stuck with the same problem of needing to drop physical line. I contacted SlingBox support as this seemed to me like a common question and they certainly must have an easy solution. Well typical first level Support didn't even answer the question in a way which suggested they read the question and after clarifying it to them they stated did not have a solution. After poking around their website I realized why outsourcing Support calls is bad for business.

Sling sells a solution to this built in deficiency in the form of SlingLink, which is an Ethernet over electrical wiring bridge appliance. Simply translated, it's a couple of boxes that communicate your network over the existing electrical wiring in the walls. Sling has a single port unit and and a 4 port unit (both sold in pairs of course). The former is $80.00 and the latter is $150.00. Those are ok prices compared to other units on the market which do the same thing but I was in a hurry and didn't want to wait on shipping or deal with it if it didn't work.

So checking for other units I found the NetGear XE102G (two units) in stock at a store near my work and purchased it and other electronic gizmos since I had just moved and didn't have enough boxes full of various tech crap not in use. Upon plugging the units in I was full of doubt that my problem would be solved this simply BUT to my amazement, it's worked and has not shown any glitches so far.

It appears that SlingBox is moving away from the models without USB having recognized the serious limitation as both the SlingBox PRO and SlingBox AV are "unavailable" on Sling's website.

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